Friday, October 14, 2011

Oneonta Workshop and Dewey Game

Here are the handouts for today's workshop in Oneonta.  Feel free to share with anyone you like.

Workshop agenda:  Hands-On Inquiry

Dewey RackEm Game Cards: Cards PDF
To make the Dewey RackEm game:
-Print cards on cardstock or heavy paper.  Laminate if you plan to use them often.  Cut apart (of course).
-Separate the cards into two groups: 000-490 and 500-990.  Use these for two games.  It's too difficult to play with all the cards.
-Cut a rectangle of card stock about 4x6 inches.  Fold into thirds the short way.  On one fold, cut ten notches evenly down it.  Tape the bottoms so that it makes a standing card rack.
-That's it!  Follow the directions on the card file to play.  Have fun!

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  1. Mary - Thanks for all of the GREAT ideas. I am just starting stations for K-2 after attending your workshop in oneonta.